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Why did God create us? – The Good News of Salvation Part 3

God made us in His own image (Genesis 1:27) – this means we are the part of creation that is most like the Creator. God gave humans a mind to think, a heart to love, and a will to choose. As a telescope magnifies the stars, God made us to magnify Him.

God designed us to point back to Him and show that He is a magnificent God. Our purpose is to bring God glory by knowing, obeying, and enjoying Him forever.

Have you considered how wonderful God’s creation of humanity is? He took special care in designing and forming humans to reflect His very own image. He gave us minds to think, learn, grow, and discover. He gave us bodies that can explore, enjoy, build, and nurture. He gave us hearts to feel and express emotions. He gave us a will to choose.

Beyond our bodies, souls, and spirits as individuals, God also created humans to enjoy the beautiful bonds of family and friendships which reflect the love shared within the Trinity. Husbands, wives, parents, children, siblings, and friends were all pictures of God’s precious love.

Even though we are more limited and finite than the heavenly beings that God created, He has decided to share His glory with us and desires to have a special relationship with humans that is different than any other part of His creation. What an incredible privilege!

Study it Out

  1. According to Matthew 6:26-28 and Matthew 10:28-31, it is obvious to see that God places value on even the smallest parts of His creation. By comparison, what value does He place on mankind?
  2. Revelation 21:3-8 tells us God’s ultimate plan for His children. What is His desire? How does He show His great love for humanity in this passage?