My name is Sarah. I’m a child of God, wife, mama to an energetic little girl, and an artist. I’ve been creating artwork for over 20 years in various forms. While I still love designing logos and comprehensive design packages for customers, I focus primarily on providing beautiful and useful devotional resources for believers. These include devotionals, Bible studies, Scripture memory card sets, Scripture artwork, gifts, and more all available from my Etsy shop.



I have a passion that women specifically would know God’s Word and understand how to breathe in God’s truth and breathe out their response to Him in a sweet and personal relationship found in Jesus Christ. Below are some recent blog posts that highlight truths found in the Bible as well as Bible study resources, gifts, and artwork that you can make use of.

  • Day 7 - Share the Hope of the Gospel - Breathing Words of Grace
    Breathing Grace
  • Day 6 - Build Rather than Destroy - Breathing Words of Grace
    Breathing Grace
  • Day 5 - Use Wise Words - Breathing Words of Grace
    Breathing Grace
  • Day 4 - Give Praise to God and Show Gratitude to Others - Breathing Words of Grace
    Breathing Grace
  • Day 3 - Confess and Forgive - Breathing Words of Grace
    Breathing Grace


I use Instagram to spotlight items for sale from my Etsy shop as well as share the beauty that surrounds me each day. My favorite thing to photograph is nature, and we are surrounded by some amazing beauty where I spend the majority of my time in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Follow me for a fresh dose of prettiness in your feed as well as to be informed about new devotional and Scripture memory resources as they become available.