First Step: Communication

Contact me and let me know what you have in mind. Make sure to send me the completed Web Project Planner at this time if applicable. For all other projects, I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire to get as much information as possible from you regarding your project from your sense of style to your desired results.

Second Step: Proofs

Once we’ve discussed all of the details and pricing via email or telephone, I’ll work on proofs for you to view either via email or through a testing platform. (A small deposit fee may apply for large projects. All fees will be discussed thoroughly before any commitments are made.)

Third Step: Payment

Once you’ve approved the proof(s) sent, I’ll send you an electronic invoice for payment through PayPal so you can safely and conveniently pay for your project.

Fourth Step: Finished Product & Support

After I’ve received payment, I’ll either upload and set up your site or send you final design work requested. We can talk through any tweaks or adjustments that might need to be made at that time if necessary to ensure that you are completely satisfied. Enjoy your finished product, and keep in touch for future design work!



Graphic design includes any design work done for printed materials or for the web. I offer distinct web design packages as well as stand alone graphic design work. I charge an hourly rate for all of my work, but I can give an estimated price for web packages based on past experience.

Standard Fee: I charge $50 per hour for all design work and $25 per hour is the rate for non-profit organizations. Many basic print design projects take anywhere from 3-5 hours depending on the complexity and communication.

Stock Images: Purchase of stock images will be added to the total price. Note: web images are a lower resolution and can be obtained at a much lower price than images used for printed materials.

Package Rates: If you are just starting out with your business or company, consider getting both web and print ready graphics done at once to save time and money. You will need to let me know right away, though because graphics needed for the web are at a much lower resolution and usually done in a different color profile.

Discounts: A flat 50% discount applies for all projects that are ministry related. I also offer discounts on a case-by-case basis depending upon the situation. Please contact me for more details.

*Photography: While a large part of my design work involves photo editing, similar to the levels you can only get from the best photo editor for iphone, I also provide stand alone photo editing work and photography. This includes adding text to photos to create photo artwork along with creating digital portraits from photos. Contact me for details.


I primarily work with WordPress and offer full design, setup, and consultation including plugin consultation and setup. Would you like to learn more about using WordPress to create and design websites? If so, this link to a YouTube tutorial that explains everything that you need to know might come in useful. Essentially, WordPress is a commonly used CMS across the industry. Furthermore, other companies like miamiwebdesignguy are able to handle work and edits on such platforms too. I work at my regular hourly rate, and most basic website projects run between $200-$300. Look through my portfolio to get an idea of different options available. All graphic designs for websites are completely customized. Once you have a basic idea of the package you need from the options below, make sure to download and fill out the WEBSITE PROJECT PLANNER then contact me to get the ball rolling. We’ll discuss your goals, target audience, and the best ways to ensure that your online presence is a success. Working with WordPress is a good start for a new website, considering 60 percent of the global market was once powered by WordPress.