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Breathe in God’s Truth + Breathe out Your Response

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. (Colossians 3:16)

Just as air is vital for our lungs, God’s grace is vital for all of our well-being. We are told to abide in Christ because apart from Him we can do nothing. The concept of breathing grace is just a reminder to be constantly taking in God’s truth and responding to Him and others out of that same gracious truth.

– Devotional Books & Bible Studies –

The following are soft-cover books that can be purchased directly from Amazon. If you would like to purchase in bulk for ministry purposes, please email me directly for a reduced rate.

Breathing Grace

The original, 50-Day Breathing Grace devotional is a simple, daily study on Bible reading and prayer. Do you find prayer and thanksgiving difficult or frustrating? Join me as we discover how to joyfully fulfill Jesus Christ’s invitation to abide in Him through breathing in the truth of God’s Word and breathing out our response of humble, thankful prayer. My goal is to allow God’s Spirit to make talking to God and listening to Him as consistent and refreshing to your spirit as breathing is to your body.  You can find a corresponding journal on Amazon that includes Scripture prayers and places to journal prayer lists, requests, and Bible study notes.

My Identity in Christ
Coloring Book, Journal, and Bible Study

I invite you to dive into God’s Word to discover what he has to say about your true identity found in Jesus Christ. As you spend time each day dwelling on the promises, blessings, and responsibilities of this new identity, you will also discover each blessing, promise, and command is rooted in the character and nature of your great God. The included journaling pages and coloring pages are designed to aid in Scripture memory and meditation. You can find the coloring pages in a downloadable form on my Etsy shop.

31 Days of Praying God’s Truth for Your Children

God desires that all of His children bear an abundance of unfading fruit. And, while there is nothing wrong with praying for His physical blessings, He has eternal blessings that are of so much more value! Spend this next month realigning your heart to God’s Word and will as you pray for all of the children God has placed within your sphere of influence. Each day features a characteristic of the fruit of the Spirit along with corresponding Scripture passages to pray through. Further study passages are referenced for meditation, and a short sample prayer is given as a prompt. You’ll also find space to journal your personal daily prayers, prayer requests, or praises. These characteristics are listed in alphabetical order for easy reference should you want to focus on one in particular.

31 Days of Celebration
An Advent Study and Ornament Creator

This interactive devotional is designed to help prepare your heart for Advent by focusing each day on a characteristic or name of Jesus Christ. It also comes with pre-printed ornaments which can be cut out from the back of the book. More ornament designs and advent cards are located on Etsy.

30 Days of Thanksgiving

It is easy to be thankful for what you deem to be good or beneficial, but I’d like to challenge you to dig deeper and focus on the Giver of all good gifts instead of just on the gifts alone. This full-color, 30-Day devotional is designed to foster a regular spirit of thanksgiving to God by helping you fix your eyes on Him. Each day you will be guided to specific passages of Scripture from God’s Word about God Himself. You will begin with God’s indescribable nature and person followed by God’s creation and design for you. You will continue through God’s incredible work of salvation, and His ultimate purpose for your life. While originally designed for the month of November, the updated design can be used any month of the year that you want to focus on Thanksgiving.

Every Good Gift – 90 Days of Intentional Gratitude

Spend the next 90 days reframing the way you view your circumstances, relationships, and possessions. This journal is designed to help you make the intentional choice to thank God for every good gift He has given you–even those gifts of perceived inconvenience and real difficulty. Each day there will be space to write a word or phrase of thanksgiving for God’s character and promises, possessions He has entrusted to you, Gospel relationships, the beauty that surrounds you, and fruit-bearing opportunities (the hard stuff). You will also be prompted to think of ways that you can give generously to others out of the abundance you have received.

Online Bible Study Series

Bible studies located on this site are designed as a series of blog posts. These are not long or intense studies, and their primary purpose is to present Scripture principles and questions designed to spur a deeper study of God’s Word and communication with Him. Each study comes with printable resources such as Scripture memory cards, artwork, or other tools which can be purchased from my Etsy shop.

What is the Gospel?
This is a simple study on the Gospel taken from a tract written by Bob & Sarah Roberts. You can find corresponding printable Scripture memory flashcards in English, Spanish, and French.
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Glorious Goodness
Discover the heart of God's incredible glory, why He is deserving of all glory, and how He is in the process of transforming us into the glorious image of Jesus Christ.
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30 Days of Thanksgiving
While this study was designed for a daily devotional to be used during the month of November, it can be used anytime to help spark a spirit of thankfulness for all that God is and has done.
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31 Days of Celebration
Meditate on 31 titles/truths about Jesus Christ during the month of December.
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In Christ
A short study on some of the priviledges of being in Christ. Find links to coloring pages, Scripture memory cards, and custom artwork all relating to the believer's identity in Christ.
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7 Super Signs
A study on the seven miracles found in John's Gospel including original sermon audio files and PowerPoint files from my husband's camp sermon series on this topic.
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Breathing Words of Grace
Our tongues can speak words of life and hope, or they can cause a lot of harm. This seven-day study explores how to breathe out words of grace and life by asking God to change our hearts.
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The Secret To Contentment
This Bible study was taken from a Scripture memory bookmark set. A link to this printable set is available in KJV and ESV and located at the bottom of the post.
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Every Good Gift
A simply guide to daily gratitude including resources to help you with the habit of giving thanks for every circumstance.
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True Wisdom
A 31-Day study on heavenly versus earthly wisdom.
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Christ's Atonement
Study 5 things Christ accomplished on the cross when He atoned for our sins.
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