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I’m slowly moving over products from my Etsy shop to my website. You can find Bible memory tools, Scripture artwork, and devotional printables for personal use or to give as gifts. Items are listed by category below.

The following printable resources are taken from the 30 Days of Thanksgiving devotional available from Amazon. You’ll also find daily gratitude journaling resources below which are taken from the Every Good Gift journal also available from Amazon.

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The ornament creator templates and printable cards below are all taken from the 31 Days of Celebration devotional which focuses on a different name, attribute, or characteristic of Jesus Christ each day of December. You can order the hard copy book in either ESV or KJV from Amazon. The book also contains red plaid ornament circles which can be cut out.

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Make use of printable goal trackers and planners any time of the year whenever your goals begin to shift or you feel the need to prioritize responsibilities differently. Please contact me if you have a suggestion or specific planner request.

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Print out bookmarks to keep your place in your favorite book or Bible and have a Bible study right at your fingertips. You can find the fuller studies for each of these by clicking on the Bible Studies Tab in the menu.

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Get in the habit of soaking in God’s Word daily and praying His truth back to Him. This practice will help you to think Bible in your everyday circumstances and relationships. Included below are printable cards to help you to pray God’s truth for your children, students, or any loved one. You’ll also find full Bible study cards on specific topics and Scripture memory cards relating to specific attributes of God. These make great gifts and stocking stuffers.

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