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Making the Best Use of the Time

I’m always on the hunt for a good daily planner that will help me to keep organized each day. My memory is terrible, so it’s imperative that I can physically see what needs to be accomplished or appointments that are scheduled so that nothing gets forgotten.

I’ve been wanting to find something that not only helps me to see my day at a glance but also helps me to keep my priorities clear. In other words, I need something that will remind me of what God is teaching me each day, prayer requests and praises, and Scripture that I should be meditating on throughout the day. I decided to make my own planner design to meet all of these needs.

I have available two very flexible and downloadable planner designs in my Etsy shop along with a host of other daily goal tracker files. You can find them all at

Printable Planner Files

There are two designs available. One is a full-sheet designed to be printed out as is, or as a spiral-bound planner. The other is a half-sheet designed to be used in a 3 ring binder. Along with cover designs, both formats also include the following:

Read Me Folder

  • Basic Instructions and Tips
  • Example of all printable pages for reference (Glance through how everything will look printed so you can easily decide what pages you want to print and what you don’t.)

Print Me Folder (Pre-formatted for easy double-sided printing)

  • Purpose and Introduction Pages
  • Goal Setting and Prayer Plan Pages
  • Simple Planner Pages
  • Detailed Planner Pages
  • Detailed Bible Study Journaling Pages
  • Simple Lined Pages

Additional Resources