We’ve been studying through the book of Revelation in church, and Revelation 5 and 21 have become even more precious to me. I was also introduced to Andrew Peterson’s song, “Is He Worthy?” at the same time.

Jesus Christ is the only One worthy to rule this universe. He is the only One worthy of all my affection and adoration. What a blessed King we have who will one day wipe away every tear from every eye. He is transforming us into a new creation ready to reign with Him on a brand new and sinless earth where we will praise and enjoy Him forever! If that doesn’t set a fire in your heart, nothing will.

I’ve created a printable with the phrase, “Is He Worthy? He is!” and the reference of Revelation 5 in multiple dimensions. This can be used as a greeting card design (Would make a great Christmas card) or a framed print for your home or office.

Find this inexpensive download at Etsy.com/Shop/BreathingGrace