Well, I’ve finally gotten a chance to work on my website, and I hope to keep it up to date more regularly with recent projects. I also hope to add a free printable or digital image once per month. This is the first of my freebie posts.

We’ve been slowly setting up our home, and I recently added some decor to the dining area. I love to incorporate Scripture passages throughout the house as a visual reminder of God’s truth for our lives. I found several frames in storage, and decided I might try to create a collage of Scripture verses printed on clear label paper. This allowed me to put the labels directly on the walls, and simply use the frames without the glass around them. I painted the frames using leftover paint from our dining room wall. I was very pleased with the results, and so I’ve decided to share these printouts with you.

These are designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11 clear label paper, or could be printed on regular light colored paper as well. I used Avery brand and simply printed it right on our home printer. There are three printouts, although you could use them individually as stand alone images. The images included is the passage of the Fruit of the Spirit, a tree with the verse “A tree is known by its fruit” beneath, and the passage on how we can bear fruit by Abiding in Christ. For my own home, I also added the word Love in the center since that is the greatest fruit we could possibly bear. Click the images below to download. I’d love to hear how you make use of them or added your own creative touch!