My Mirror

by Sarah Roberts

Precious daughter, you are a treasured gift from God,
Created to be fully loved and to give love fully in return.
You reflect your heavenly Maker with your energetic smiles,
You reflect Him through your sensitive concern and tender tears.

You also reflect me, your mother.
Just as I was made to mold you, you, in turn, mirror me.
The reflections of myself I see, expose sin’s deep, corrupting stain.
The pronounced pictures you reveal often bring me to my knees.

Jesus calls me as your mom to shape your thinking with loving truth.
Yet, God uses you to dig up lies buried deep inside my heart and mind.

You are God’s chosen chisel to scrape down selfishness and pride.
You are God’s magnifying glass to expose idols long cherished.
Through you, I see my desperate need for His precise yet gentle hand,
And without Him, I would strive endlessly to reflect His perfect Son.

So now, I’ll hold you close, and thank the sovereign King of all
Knowing He won’t stop the work begun to shape us both in love.
Let us struggle on, not against each other or independently in vain
But hand in hand may we submit to our Father’s far better plan.

Now, as God reveals more broken parts for me to yield to Him,
I’ll depend upon His patient love to point your heart to His.

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