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– A b o u t –

My name is Sarah. I’m a child of God, wife, mama to an energetic little girl, and an artist. I’ve been creating artwork for over 20 years in various forms. While my own artwork will inevitably reflect a bit of me, my goal is to reflect the beauty, order, and glory of our heavenly Designer. I still love creating logos and comprehensive design packages for customers, but my current primary focus is providing beautiful and useful devotional resources for believers. These include devotionals, Bible studies, Scripture memory card sets, Scripture artwork, planners, gifts, and more. Find out more by clicking the Breathing Grace tab.

Design Services
I provide logo creation and branding across all platforms, print design, and web design.
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Printable Resources
Find printable artwork, Scripture memory cards, planners, coloring pages, and other resources.
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Devotional Books
Simple devotional books and Bible studies can be purchased directly from Amazon. Find more details about each book on the Breathing Grace page.
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– Latest Resource –

Every Good Gift – 90 Days of Intentional Gratitude

Spend the next 90 days reframing the way you view your circumstances, relationships, and possessions. This journal is designed to help you make the intentional choice to thank God for every good gift He has given you–even those gifts of perceived inconvenience and real difficulty. Each day there will be space to write a word or phrase of thanksgiving for God’s character and promises, possessions He has entrusted to you, Gospel relationships, the beauty that surrounds you, and fruit-bearing opportunities (the hard stuff). You will also be prompted to think of ways that you can give generously to others out of the abundance you have received.

– Latest Bible Study –

Bible studies located on this site are designed as a series of blog posts. These are not long or intense studies, and their primary purpose is to present Scripture and questions designed to spur a deeper study of God’s Word and communication with Him. Each study comes with printable resources such as Scripture memory cards, artwork, or other tools which can be purchased from my Etsy shop. Click the Breathing Grace tab to view all Bible study topics and Bible study resources available.

This study is taken from a sermon series my husband gave on the seven miracles found in John’s Gospel. The messages are geared to 8-12-year-olds, while the Bible study posts are geared toward adults who would like to study these miracles further. Original sermon audio and PowerPoint files are included for each study. Printable bookmarks are also available from Etsy. Read More…

– Recent Design Projects –

Race to the Peak Youth Camp
Logo, Web Design, Print Design, Camp Registration Setup
Project Details: Complete Website Design and Setup, Booking Calendar Setup, WP Consultation, and Facebook Cover Design.
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The Parable Patch
Project Details: Logo Design, Website Design and Setup, Book Cover Design and Formatting for Included Books, Curriculum Formatting and Graphic Design for Supplimental Materials. (Curriculum formatting is till in progress.)
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Behold Glory
Project Details: Logo Design, Website Design and Setup, Book Cover Design and Book Formatting for included Bible Studies.
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– YouTube Playlists –

Find daily shorts highlighting different truths about God, Scriptural prayers, and verses to meditate on. I’ll also continue to post resource recommendations and reviews.

31 Days of Praying God’s Truth for Your Children

God’s Attributes, Nature & Roles

31 Days Seeking Wisdom from Above