I’m currently working on an interactive prayer journal that is designed to help believers to saturate their minds on the truth of God’s Word and respond back to Him based on that truth. I’ve created corresponding index cards that highlight the key passage from each day and allow for quick reference and Scripture memory practice. These are also ideal for writing specific prayer requests on the back and using with the family at a meal or during family prayer time. These thirty cards are taken from the first section of the book which deal specifically with the subject of prayer itself.


  • 30 basic truths about the topic of prayer written in a prayer like format taken from the first section of my upcoming prayer journal entitled Breathing Grace.
  • 1-2 Scripture passage sources for each truth per card.
  • Card designed for Avery Laser & Ink Jet White 3 x 5 Inch Index Cards. (3 cards per page)
  • Can be printed double sided or with the back left blank to write down personal prayer requests or people to pray for.
  • The prayer journal these were taken from includes additional scripture and resources.

PRICE: $1.99 per download

I designed these cards to be printed on Avery 3×5 perforated index cards (5388), but you can simply use white cardstock if desired. Honestly, after using Avery I’d recommend the simply cardstock method simply because each printer’s alignment is so different, and it might take a few tries to align it just right. Here are some notes to remember should you choose to purchase the Avery pre-perforated card stock. I purchased mine here from Amazon, and I had them printed at Staples. The kind printer at Staples gave me a quick reference guide that should be used to line the cards up correctly with their specific printers. Just give them these instructions and they should turn out great.

(Using Avery pre-perforated index card cardstock)

  • Insert sheets short edge first with the arrow pointing inward and on the setting HEAVYWEIGHT LABELS.
  • Shift the image. X needs to be shifted +0.7 and Y to +0.10

I hope that these will be a blessing to you. Please leave a comment below with how you plan to use them or with any other suggestions or ideas. I look forward to hearing from you!

“God’s ultimate purpose for believers here on earth is to know Christ and to make Him known. This purpose is fleshed out when we abide in Christ so that our lives bear fruit reflecting His glory. We are called to be true disciples of Christ who make more disciples. In other words, we were designed to know Christ intimately and to declare Him accurately through all of our words and actions.

If we are to accomplish this task of knowing Christ and making Him known to others, we have to abide in Christ just as He commands. Abiding in Christ looks like staying in His presence, allowing His Word to drench us thoroughly, and being in constant and sweet communication with Him.

As you can see, abiding implies a deep and intimate relationship. Prayer and God’s Word should never be seen as two separate entities, but rather as a beautifully and inseparably intertwined conversation. Abiding in our sweet Savior means that we deeply breathe His Word into our very soul, and then we breathe it back out to Him in our prayers. Inhaling and exhaling God’s precious Word is just as vital to our lives as is inhaling oxygen into our lungs.

I pray that this simple, interactive book can aid you as you seek to abide in Christ daily. It is designed to help you fix your thoughts on the truth of God’s Word and allow for a prayerful response to that Truth. It is a way to help you agree with God about Who He is and what He has done. In turn, your prayers will be filled with a proper knowledge and appreciation for Him and how He is at work in your life and the lives of those around you.

If we really begin to view prayer and God’s Word as both necessary and inseparable elements of our life, the substance of our prayers will be drastically affected. Rather than offering up some frantic or empty words, we can have a genuine and peaceful conversation with our Creator. We can praise Him with full hearts as we make our requests when we are resting on the foundational promises He has made in His Word. We can be assured that we are praying within His will when we meditate on the truths of Who He is, what He has done, and what He promises to do. Most importantly, we will be worshipping in spirit and in truth the way He desires us to worship Him.

This book is broken up systematically into several sections. The first section gives a foundation of prayer from God’s Word as well as provides examples of prayers from Scripture. The second section focuses on God’s Word and its importance to every part of our life, especially our prayer life. The third section gives specific insights into God’s person, His attributes, and His character as revealed from the Word, while the fourth section details His creation and commands. The fifth section focuses completely upon Jesus Christ and His gift of Salvation. The sixth section focuses on God’s purposes for His people on earth along with His eternal plans for the future. All of these truths give us the hope on which we can anchor our hearts during every season of life.

The final section gives space to write down specific names of people, leaders, and ministries to pray for. This not only aids memory during prayer time, but keeps prayer from becoming too focused on self. This section ends with space to write down long term prayer requests and to record praises. Fewer encouraging blessings exist then seeing how God has answered your prayers in specific ways in the past.

God, our Creator, longs for us to know Him intimately, think of Him accurately, believe in Him wholly, and love Him completely. Our prayer to Him is a natural outpouring of the relationship we are experiencing with Him as we read His Word and seek to obey it. Will you learn with me how to abide in Christ?”