Do you know the Gospel? Learn about God’s good news of salvation for the world including you! This series of posts is taken from a Gospel tract written by Bob and Sarah Roberts.
This study is for you if you struggle with insecurities about your value, your position in Christ, your worth, or God’s purpose for your life.
God’s Word tells us that Faith, Hope, and Love are an insperable and invaluable trio for believers here on earth. This study will explore the greatest of these, LOVE.

Our tongues can speak words of life and hope, or they can cause a lot of harm. This seven day study explores how to breathe out words of grace and life by asking God to change our hearts.


The following soft-cover devotional books are available on in either KJV or ESV Bible versions. More related resources such as corresponding Scripture memory cards and downloadable ornament templates can be found on Etsy.

This 50-day devotional is designed to help you develop the habit of breathing in God’s gracious truth from His Word and breathing back your response to Him in prayer. You can find corresponding Scripture memory flash-cards on God’s Word and prayer from my Etsy shop.
This devotional is specifically designed to help you establish the habit of gratitude for all of the good gifts from God beginning with God Himself. You can find this same study in Scripture memory/study printable flash-cards from my Etsy shop.

This interactive devotional is designed to help prepare your heart for Advent by focusing each day on a characteristic or name of Jesus Christ. It also comes with pre-printed ornaments in the back of the book. More ornament designs are located on Etsy.